As the demand for foster families in Indiana reaches an all-time high

House lawmakers are finding ways to help children in need.

This 2018, the Indiana House of Representatives is partnering with the Indiana Association for Resources and Child Advocacy (IARCA) Institute for Excellence to raise awareness and support foster families. Children who have suffered abuse or neglect need a family to provide a heart and a home while they heal and their families receive treatment.  Foster families stand in the gap until a child can be safely returned to their family, or until an adoptive family is matched with the child. IARCA member agencies recruit, screen, train, and provide supports to foster families to provide hope for children in need. Foster families are needed to work with children of all ages, who come from varied cultures, and who have a range of special needs. Matched with the right family and services, abused and neglected children can heal from their trauma and lead successful lives.

Number of Children IARCA Member Agencies Serve Every Day


Of Children had a Positive Educational Outcome after Working with IARCA Member Agencies

“We have too many children across Indiana who are waiting for a foster or adoptive family. Through our partnership with IARCA, we want to encourage more Hoosiers to open their hearts and change a life through fostering or adopting a child in need. We need more loving homes to bring safety, stability and hope to children and adolescents who have nowhere else to turn. If you aren’t able to care for a child, we encourage you to reach out to foster families in your area, as they too, need support and encouragement.” 

Brian Bosma, Speaker of the Indiana House of Representatives

“Foster care provides a tremendous opportunity for children and teenagers who have been abused or neglected. They are placed with a foster family who will be there for them during this time of crisis and welcome them with unconditional love. It is a renewed hope for these young people to realize their own personal value to themselves and others by establishing relationships built on encouragement, love, stability and trust. Foster care is truly life-changing for these youth.”

Scott Pelath, Minority Leader of the Indiana House of Representatives

“It has become clear to us that nothing is more important than investing in Indiana’s children, especially those most vulnerable who are without a safe and nurturing family. Our hope is that hundreds of adults will hear this plea and choose to make a difference in the life of a child!”

Karen Young, Foster & Adoptive Parent from Indianapolis

In Indiana, nearly twice as many children are in the foster care system than there are available foster homes.


percent of children entering the welfare system under the age of 5


more than half of these children have a parent with substance abuse issues


percent increase in children in out-of-home care from 2015-2017

We want to encourage more Hoosiers to open their hearts and change a life through fostering or adopting a child in need.

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